Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saint Rihanna replaces video sinner: PVC clad 'dominatrix' wraps up for holy Israel visit
Saint or sinner? A modestly dressed Rihanna visits The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem today...

The world saw two very different faces of Rihanna today - the private saint and the public sinner.

In the morning her latest video emerged on the internet and it was as raunchy as we've come to expect from one of pops most daring performers, packed with faux-lesbianism and PVC outfits as she posed as a dominatrix.

Then in later in the day a much more modestly-dressed Rihanna popped up in Jerusalem, one of the world's most holy cities, for a whirlwind tour of its religious must-sees.

And while she wore little more than PVC underwear on screen, in person she was wrapped up in a demure maxi dress and sarong, with barely a scrap of flesh showing.

.... as this raunchy video for Te Amo was released on the web, showing her as a PVC-clad dominatrix

The singer chose the brightly coloured outfit for a day touring some of Jerusalem's most Holy sites.

These included The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, said to be the site of Jesus Christ's tomb, and the Western Wall, one of the Jewish faith's most religious sites.

She also fitted in a spot of shopping at the Egyptian market, before she headed off to do some voluneteer work in Tel Aviv.

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Covered up: A demure Rihanna visits the Western Wall, one of the Jewish faith's most important sites

Sight seeing: Rihanna toured Jerusalem, before doing volunteer work in Tel Aviv

But while Rihanna may have had a very holy day, the web was buzzing with talk of her latest music video for Te Amo.

The daring scenes portray the heterosexual Barbadian singer as a leather clad dominatrix, kissing and striking suggestive poses with dark-haired French supermodel Laeticia Casta.

The explicit video, leaked onto the web, even shows Rihanna as a dominatrix in sado masochistic bondage scenes.

The 22-year-old mounts the tied up Laeticia from behind, forcing her head down towards the bed.

She also crawls on top of her co-star as the pair, wearing matching PVC underwear, lie on a table.

Pilgramage: Rihanna soaks up the religious atmosphere as she visits one of the cities most holy sites

Mother-of-three Laeticia, 32, is no stranger to controversial music videos - she starred in Chris Isaak's Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing in 1999, which VH1 refused to air before the watershed.

The new video is set in the manicured grounds of the romantic 15th century Château de Vigny, just outside Paris.

It was directed by Anthony Mandler, whose casting call asked for 'beautiful, sexy and glamorous' females who are 'comfortable in their bodies'.

Demure: The singer couldn't have been more different to her video self

Daring: The video, leaked onto the web, was directed by Anthony Mandler

Mandler has directed videos for some of the world's biggest pop stars including Usher, Nelly Furtado, Eminem and Enrique Iglesias and Te Amo is the 11th time he has worked with Rihanna.

Writing on his Twitter page, Mandler enthused: 'Thanks to all of Rihanna’s fans for the long list of suggestions... we're gonna follow our instincts and give you guys something special...'

The isn't the first time Grammy winner Rihanna has pushed the boundaries with her videos. Her upcoming Rockstar 101 video shows her naked but for a few strategically placed chains

Getting close: The pair kiss and embrace throughout the video; Mother-of-three LaeticiaCasta is no stranger to controversial music videos

No shame: Rihanna wears little more than underwear in most of the shots


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