Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sohee finds f(x)’s Sulli cute!

Sohee of Wonder Girls has expressed her interest in f(x)’s Sulli on Win Win.

Sohee has been the youngest in Korea’s music industry for a very long time, however, with many younger idols now debuting left and right, she is no longer the youngest now.

Sohee pinpointed f(x)’s Sulli and said, “She’s younger than me, and she’s so cute.”

She also revealed, “Before, I used to be the youngest, but now I like how there are younger people in the industry and I find it amusing.”

Meanwhile, the members commented, “It’s amusing to think that Sohee, who has always felt like the youngest, now has younger brothers and sisters.”

Of course, it isn’t really disputed that Sohee & Sulli are two of kpop’s cutest gals… indulge in these bonus videos below!


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