Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Step aside Apple Girl: here comes the Android Girl!
When Kim Yeo Hee aka the “Apple Girl” went viral, she caused quite the buzz and is now making her debut as a professional singer. But even Ash Ketchum had a rival right? Well then, for the Apple Girl comes the Android Girl!

This video first surfaced on a Korean portal site and was uploaded onto YouTube recently. Though the view count may not be so hot, this is already making headlines in Korea as media outlets are already dubbing her as the Apple Girl’s rival.

Korean netizens have already showed off their handiwork in the art of stalking searching as it’s been revealed that the girl’s birth name is Lee Yong Hae.

Many are commenting that her vocals are beautiful just like her face but are suspicious as to whether or not this is another marketing ploy.

Either way, the Android Girl does prove to have a pretty voice and her looks could kill two birds with no stones. So without further ado, check her out below as she uses the Android phone’s guitar application to create an acoustic melody that blends smoothly with her voice singing Rihanna’s Take A Bow!

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