Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video of girls, 8, wearing lingerie and dancing in racy routine to Beyonce's Single Ladies causes internet row
By Mail Foreign Service

'Completely normal': The group of girls perform a racy routine to Beyonce's Single Ladies track

A video of a group of young girls, some just eight-years-old, performing a racy dance routine to Beyonce's Single Ladies has caused an internet row.

The footage, filmed at America's largest urban dance competition World of Dance, shows the girls in revealing red and black lingerie outfits writhing and gyrating on stage.

And while some of the girls' parents have defended the video as 'completely normal', the routine has been deemed too raunchy for dancers of that age by shocked viewers

Revealing: The group, which contained girls as young as eight, wore red and black lingerie and knee high socks for the performance

Cory Miller, the father of one of the girls, told U.S. television show Good Morning America: 'This is taken completely out of context.

'The girls weren't meant to be viewed by millions of people

Mr Miller, who said he and the rest of the parents had attempted to stop the viral spreading of the video, which has had over two millions views this week, added: 'On behalf of the parents, our best interest is for the kids.

'Just know that the kids are doing something that they completely love to do. They compete in dance competitions... in front of family and friends

Inspiration: Beyonce Knowles in the video for Single Ladies

But despite this defense, YouTube viewers have commented in their thousands, with the majority agreeing the routine is 'too provocative'.

One user commented: 'Why would their parents agree to those sleazy outfits. They are parents - they are supposed to protect them not flaunt them like a piece of meat.

'Their parents should have selected a better costume - that is just too provocative.'

However, the girls insist there is nothing wrong with their performance, with one dancer adding: 'We like to give over 100 per cent, sometimes like 220 per cent.'

Melissa Presch, the mother of one of the dancers,said: 'We're very proud of our daughters and their accomplishments.

She also commented on the outfit choices, insisting: 'Single Ladies is one of the most popular songs probably of the decade.

'The costumes are designed for movement, unrestricted movement and to show body lines.'[endtext]

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