Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wonder Girls finally return with 2 Different Tears on M! Countdown
It almost feels surreal to have the Wonder Girls back on today’s M! Countdown stage, but once you heard the crowd roaring with their rounds of cheers, you knew you didn’t need someone to pinch you. That’s right, you’re not dreaming. The girls are back and better than ever!

After hitting up and successfully spreading the Nobody fever across China and the USA for the past year, the Wonder Girls are returning to the kpop scene with yet another retro flavor in the form of 2 Different Tears. Though they’ve been away, it seems that their reigning power has not weakened since they left in 2008. The track has successfully topped several online music charts since its release and the girls continue to keep the hype all on them with the release of their quirky and cute jacket photos.

Absence surely makes the heart grow fonder. That’s quite evident from the positive reactions from the crowd, wouldn’t ya say? Leave it to one of kpop’s best female groups to bring the funk back in true wonder style. Check out their amazing comeback stage below!

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