Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Watch out Zoe Saldana! AnnaLynne McCord turns Avatar on the set of 90210




Blue lips: AnnaLynne kisses her co-star, leaving his face covered in paint in the process

It seems Zoe Saldana may have some unexpected competition in the sexiest Na'vi stakes.

Actress AnnaLynne McCord tried on the all-blue outfit as she filmed scenes for her series 90210 in California today.

With her flesh painted blue, the 23-year-old looked like she had stepped out of the hit film Avatar as she strode across the street in Brentford.

AnnaLynne told TVGuide that her character Naomi Clark pretends to be a fan of the movie to impress a geek that she meets on the internet.

She impersonates Saldan'a character Neytiri on the show.

'I'm getting fitted for contact lenses, will be head-to-toe blue, and they're trying to work out prosthetics to give me big feet,' AnnaLynne told the magazine.

'It's hysterical because Naomi shows up [at the screening] and none of the other nerds are in costume. I might get a whole new following after this!'

Na'vi-tastic: Annalynne MCCord filming 90210 dressed as an Avatar character in Brentwood,. Los Angeles, today

Watch out geeks: AnnaLynne is looking for a new boyfriend in the series

AnnaLynne's costume seems to do the trick, however. In scenes filmed today she was seem embracing the 'geek' in the street, leaving him with blue lips.

And it seems any fans impressed with her costume might be in luck.

'Nerds are awesome,' she said. 'I would totally go out with anyone in an Apple store.

The original: Zoe Saldana as Neytiri in Avatar

Annalynne McCord on the Red Carpet

Avatar: Photoshop edition

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