Monday, February 7, 2011

Clare Nasir brings some colour to Paul world premiere as Sigourney Weaver and Jerry Hall go drab



Lighting up the red carpet: Clare Nasir shows off her slim figure in a red asymmetrical dress as she attends the London premiere of Paul

Clare Nasir managed to steal the limelight from Sigourney Weaver at the actress's own premiere tonight.

While Hollywood star Weaver went for a relatively laid-back look in a blue shift dress at the screening of Paul, the weather girl brought some much needed colour to the purple carpet with a bright, tight dress.

And fellow guest Jerry Hall also looked like she couldn't be bothered to put in much effort, arriving with her son Gabriel, 13, in a black coat and skinny jeans.

Instead, it was the London Tonight star, 40, brightening things up in an asymmetrical red number as she attended the London premiere of Paul with her DJ husband Chris Hawkins.

Since dropping five dress sizes over the autumn and becoming a size 6, Nasir has developed a fondness for tight dresses to show off her slimline figure in all its glory.

Writing on her Twitter page tonight: 'Sigorney (sic) Weaver just walked past us at Empire cinema. Sadly Chris missed moment he was staring at a geeky guy wondering whether he knew him.'

After watching the British sci-fi comedy, she added: 'Paul is a brilliant and utterly enjoyable film, everyone in it is so likeable and funny.'

Keeping it simple: Paul star Sigourney Weaver (left) wore a dark blue shift, while Jerry Hall wore a coat and jeans as she arrived with teenage son Gabriel

Bespectacled: Weaver joined the film's two leading men Simon Pegg (left) and Nick Frost (right) on the purple carpet

While Nasir was just at the premiere for a romantic date night with her husband of six years, Weaver was there to promote the film.

The Aliens star, 61, makes a cameo in the film, which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two geeks on a road trip across America who bump into an alien called Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen).

Both Pegg, Frost and Weaver were joined by co-stars Kristen Wigg, Jason Bateman and Joe Lo Truglio, producer Nira Park and director Greg Mottola.

Night at the movies: (from left) Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace, model Laura Bailey and Paul actress Kristen Wigg

Best mates: Pegg and Frost brought their respective wives Maureen and Mariangela

Recalling filming the $50million movie last year, Pegg said: 'We did the road trip initially as a way of getting a free holiday out of Universal but it was an incredibly inspiring time and a lot of what happened on that trip, we fed into the script. It was a great adventure.'

Frost added: 'It is work but you're also with your best mate, Sigourney Weaver's there and you're driving an RV in the desert and it's beautiful and the food's great too.'

Weaver - who was greeted by Alien fans outside the Empire cinema, said she loved starring in a spoof alien movie: 'I just love comedy more than anything, and to have a comedy that also takes on the history of aliens and their influence on culture in such a sweet way, and in such a witty way, I think it's the perfect movie, I really do.'

• Paul is due for release in the UK on February 14 and in the U.S. on March 18.

Flashback: One fan asked Weaver to sign an Alien memorabilia sculpture

Paul - Official Trailer [HD]

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