Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Italian Job: Cheryl Cole pockets a cool £250,000 to perform at a private party in Venice


Party performer: Cheryl Cole performed at a private party in Venice last night

Last year she is understood to have received £1.7 million for six months work on the 2010 series of X Factor.

But Cheryl Cole upped her asking price last night, pocketing a staggering £250,000 for an hour's work, performing at a private party in Venice.

The singer belted out her hits including Promise This and Fight For This Love at a function for Audi in the Italian city.

After thrilling party goers at the function she returned to her hotel near San Marco Square with brother Garry, who accompanied her on the trip.

High earner: The 27-year-old is understood to have pocketed £250,000 for the Audi party

The 27-year-old appeared in good spirits after the gig, smiling and chatting to her burly security guards as they helped her onto a boat.

The Girls Aloud singer wrapped up after the performance in a black button-up coat, leggings and heels, and was still glamorous in her stage make-up and hair.

Cheryl's appearance fee pales in comparison to that earned by some showbusiness bigwigs.

Family trip: Cheryl's brother Garry accompanied her to the Italian city

The Rolling Stones currently hold the record for highest fee, earning £5 million to perform at a private function.

Elton John and Kylie Minogue are each reported to earn £4 million, while Christina Aguilera has a £3 million asking fee.

Leona Lewis, Jennifer Lopez and Amy Winehouse are all understood to have been paid £1 million for private functions in the past.

Working hard for the money: Cheryl is understood to have finally signed her deal to appear on US X Factor for a staggering $10 million

But while £250,000 for a handful of songs seems a generous amount for Cheryl Cole, the fee is pocket change compared to her reported £10 million deal to appear on the US X Factor.

While show insiders claimed last week that US producers had cooled off on the idea of Cole joining Simon Cowell on the panel, reports today allege that Fox bosses have relented and signed the deal.

According to the News Of The World, Cowell was able to persuade producers to give Cheryl a place on the panel, on the condition that if viewers didn't like her she would be replaced.

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