Thursday, February 10, 2011

So not Undercover: Miley Cyrus shows off dream catcher tattoo in low-cut revealing white vest



All on show: Miley revealed the full extent of her new dream catcher tattoo as she stopped at a juice bar in LA yesterday

After sharing just a flash of her new tattoo earlier this month many were wondering what new inking Miley Cyrus had etched onto her skin.

But as these pictures show her fifth tattoo, located on the right hand side of her rib cage, is of a dream catcher, a Native American symbol of unity.

The 18-year-old singer proudly displayed the full extent of her new body art as she stopped off at a juice bar in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles.

Native American symbol: Miley showed off her tattoo in a white low-cut vest

The actress, who was recently voted the worst role model for teenage girls in an AOL online poll, wore a low cut white vest and a see-through bra to display her new design.

The tattoo, which starts just under her armpit and midway down the side of her torso, displays an image of a dream catcher, an object thought to change a person’s bad dreams as they are sleeping.

Miley has been spotted wearing dream catcher necklaces on a number of occasions before having a permanent reminder of the symbol drawn onto her body.

Casual chick: Miley dressed down in a pair of leggings and a white vest and hid behind a pair of wayfarer-style sunglasses

The dream catcher tattoo is the singer’s fifth tattoo adding to the ‘Just Breathe’ design on the opposite side of her ribcage, a stencil of a love heart and a small cross on her finger as well as the word LOVE on the inside of her right ear.

While Miley was flaunting her new artwork yesterday, she kept it covered as she took to the red carpet for Justin Bieber’s film premiere of Never Say Never on Tuesday night.

MILEY CYRUS " Never Say Never " Premiere .

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