Thursday, February 17, 2011

Was IU’s music video about incest?


After releasing the music video for her title track, “The Story Only I Didn’t Know,” earlier today, IU has become swept up in a minor controversy over the music video’s content.

The MV begins with actress Park Bo Young conversing with an anonymous figure in a psychiatric hospital. She states, “My body feels weird lately. It doesn’t feel like my body. Isn’t the weather really weird today? On days like this, I feel like someone might come to find me.”

Yoonsang then appears, and Park Bo Young demonstrates the depth of their relationship by kneeling before him and crying.

The anonymous figure then re-appears and asks, “Your father passed away, right?” Park Bo Young replies, “They all say that he’s my father, but he’s not.”

Most have interpreted the music video to mean that Park Bo Young was hospitalized due to her grief over the death of her father. Netizens added, “Is it appropriate to handle the topic of incest in a music video for a minor?” and “This is shocking, and I can’t help but cringe.” Others commented, “It’s just content created to emphasize the sad atmosphere. Let’s try not to react so sensitively.”

source: allkpop [endtext]

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